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Alma Adamkienė

Alma Adamkienė was born in Šiauliai on 10 February 1927. Her father Stasys Nutautas, born on 8 March 1899, was a trader and her mother Ona Nutautienė, nee Soblyte, born on 29 June 1904, assisted her husband in commercial activities. The father of Alma Adamkienė died in 1977 in Chicago. Alma Adamkienė's mother (b. 29 June 1904), who lived with Alma and Valdas Adamkus in Lithuania, died on 25 June 2006 at the age of 101.

In 1944, with the Soviet Army forcing its way into Lithuania, Alma Nutautaitė retreated with the family to Germany, and later, in 1949, emigrated to the United States of America.

Alma Nutautaitė studied at Eichstätt College in Germany and later at the Faculty of Philology of the Erlangen University of Bavaria.

In 1951 she married Valdas Adamkus.

After moving to the United States, Alma Adamkienė worked as a laboratory assistant at a steel factory. Later, she took a position with an insurance company. Since 1962, for twenty-five years, she was the manager of the Tabor Farm Recreation Centre, to which she has a title. The farm had become an important Lithuanian centre and for many years served as the venue for the meetings of the liberal Lithuanian émigré organisation Santara-Šviesa.

Since 4 February 1998, when Valdas Adamkus became President of the Republic of Lithuania, Alma Adamkienė has been actively involved in social activities, paying the prime attention to children's homes and support of orphans and disabled children. On 17 March 1999, the Alma Adamkienė Charity and Support Fund was established, aimed at helping children.

Helping others has always been natural for Alma Adamkienė, whose parents were engaged in charitable activities in pre-war Lithuania.


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