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“Your have brought Lithuania to NATO and the European Union,” Horst Koeler wrote to President Adamkus

Friday, July 3, Vilnius - President Valdas Adamkus received a letter form the Federal President of Germany, Horst Koeler, in which the German leader thanked President Adamkus for the successful transatlantic integration of Lithuania and for the development of Lithuanian-German relations.

Noting that the mandate of President Adamkus expires in a couple of days, the German President writes:


"You have worked for you country almost all your life: risking your life in the fight for Independence in your early days, co-leading Lithuanian organization in emigration to the United States, heading your country as the President after the dream of your life has come true and Lithuania regained Independence."


Mr. Koeler noted that since the restoration of diplomatic relations in 1991, the two countries have maintained close relationship based on mutual trust and confidence. When Lithuania joined the European Union, they became even closer and deeper.


"For this excellent development of our bilateral relations, we have to thank you personally and we are also grateful for your personal interest in germany," Mr. Koeler srote.


He underlined that President Adamkus had brought Lithuania to NATO and the European Union, adding that in 2007 the President of Lithuania proved that he was first of all a European.


"Without your mediation, negotiations on EU reform at the European Council meeting in 2007 would have most probably collapsed. In recognition for your merits, you were elected European of the Year 2007," Mr. Koeler wrote in his letter.


President Koeler expressed his regret that he would not be able to take part in the Celebrations of the Millennium of Lithuania and he voiced hope that the two countries would continue to develop their relations in the future.

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