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Valdas Adamkus: Spreading free word and objective information is necessary for all nations and countries on the path of reforms

Wednesday, April 29, Vilnius - President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received President of Radio Free Europe Jeffrey Gedmin.


President Adamkus underlined that Radio Free Europe had been a "Window to the West" for Eastern European countries during the Cold War years. He further said that Radio Free Europe continues to pursue its mission of fighting for democracy using the free word.


"You have accomplished enormous work in strengthening the faith of our people - both in Lithuania and abroad - in free democratic values and enhancing their hope that a day will come when the people of Lithuania are free to build their statehood," Mr. Adamkus said.

Opinions were exchanged during the meeting about the ongoing reforms in Ukraine, Georgia and other countries in the region. The relationship between the West and Russia was also discussed.

"Today, neighboring countries and nations in Europe's East - from Belarus to the South Caucasus - need a professional, open and sometimes even critical word," Mr. Adamkus said.

President Adamkus pointed out that Radio Free Europe was performing greatly important and significant work: spreading objective and much needed news about the events, developments and tendencies in Europe's East. He further underlined that the spread of free word and objective information was necessary for all nations and countries on the path of reforms and euro-integration.



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