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U.S. Congressmen thanked President Adamkus for his efforts in strengthening U.S.-Lithuanian relations

Thursday, July 2, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received a delegation of members of the United States Senate and the House of Representatives led by Senator Richard Durbin, who participate in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly session held in Lithuania.

President Adamkus congratulated the Congressmen on the approaching U.S. Independence Day, and underlined that the values of freedom, democracy and human rights cherished by the United States were a source of inspiration for the Lithuanian nation in its fight for independence.


The U.S. Congressmen thanked President Adamkus for his efforts in strengthening U.S.-Lithuanian relations.


Extending congratulations on the Millennium of the name of Lithuania, the visiting delegation applauded the huge progress achieved by Lithuania since the restoration of independence, and underlined that Lithuania's integration into the international community and its structures such as NATO could serve as an example for others to follow.


According to Senator Benjamin L. Cardin, the U.S. is proud of the excellent relations between the two countries.


President Adamkus underlined that Lithuania and the United States had proved on a number of occasions to be reliable partners acting together as NATO members towards peace in Afghanistan and Iraq.


In the meeting, Senator Durbin read out a letter from the U.S. President Barrack Obama, in which he congratulates the President of Lithuania on the Millennium.


The parties of the meeting also discussed the issue of restitution of public property for Lithuanian Jews.

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