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Toast by H.E. Valdas Adamkus, President of the Republic of Lithuania, at the Reception Hosted by His Majesty the King of Spain Juan Carlos I


"Your Majesties,
Ladies and Gentlemen,


Your visit is a truly memorable occasion for Vilnius and the people of Lithuania who were able to watch its segments live on television. I am delighted that Lithuania has the exceptional privilege of being the last destination of your tour of the Baltic States and I hope that we have succeeded - just like our Latvian and Estonian neighbors - to show you the most beautiful and inspiring places of our country.


By visiting not only Vilnius, but also the historical Lithuanian capital of Trakai, you have once again demonstrated your sincere respect for the history and culture of our country. The history of Lithuania is an integral part of the history of European culture which - based on the Quedlinburg Annals which mention St. Bruno's mission to this country - took root in Lithuania at least one thousand years ago.

During our yesterday's meeting we also discussed European unity. For Lithuania, Spain has been both: a geographically far-away and spiritually close European country. You have always been true allies of Lithuania, never recognizing Lithuania's occupation and never failing in your loyalty to universal values and European unity.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


I would like to believe that the meetings Your Majesties had today with the elected representatives of our people in parliament as well as your conversations with students who have come to Lithuania from different countries to gain professional knowledge and skills have revealed the free and open spirit of the Lithuanian people.


I am greatly delighted that today you met with students and members of the academic community of Lithuania. I hope that you were also greeted in Spanish, which is becoming increasingly more popular in our country. Dynamic cooperation between Lithuanian and Spanish schools has sparked a growing interest among schoolchildren in the Spanish language, and it is now studied by hundreds of Lithuanian students in the universities of Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, and other cities across Lithuania.


I heard that you were greeted not only by Lithuanians, but also by young people from Spain who are studying in Vilnius and Belarusian students of the European Humanities University exiled from Minsk. We are grateful for the support that Spain has extended to this university since the very beginning of its academic activities in Vilnius.


Today, as we seek to establish a single space of European studies, science and innovations, I would invite us to continue the long-standing tradition of cooperation between our two countries in the field of science and education. I hope that your focus on science and studies will encourage Lithuanian and Spanish universities, scientific institutions and business communities to engage more actively in the establishment of European Knowledge and Innovation Communities.

Your Majesties,


Please allow me to once again wish Spain a most successful presidency of the European Union. I believe that through joint efforts we will continue strengthening Europe's integration so that its people are united by equal economic and social living standards and that we will continue building a Union where all member states enjoy a single currency and shared infrastructure networks. I firmly believe that just like in historical times our two countries will continue pursuing the common goal of having friendly, reformed and cooperative neighbors.


I am deeply convinced that your visit to Lithuania will give a fresh impetus to the development of relations between our two nations and societies. I invite you to raise your glasses to the health of His Majesty the King and Her Majesty Queen Sofia as well as to the prosperity and well-being of Lithuania and Spain and their people!


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