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Roadmap for Development of the Strategic Partnership between the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine for 2009-2010

With a view of the Joint Declaration by President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus and President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko, signed on 12 May 2008, and the Protocol of the Second Session of the Council of Presidents of the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine, qualifying the close relations between the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine as strategic partnership and reiterating mutual aspirations to enhance comprehensive cooperation between the two countries at bilateral, regional, European, Euro-Atlantic and people-to-people levels,
acknowledging the importance of bilateral institutions for the development of strategic partnership and affirming the determination to strengthen cooperation through the Council of the Presidents, Inter - Parliamentary Assembly, Inter Governmental Council and Commissions, as well as the trilateral Inter- Parliamentary Assembly of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, the Sejm and Senate of the Republic of Poland,
the Presidents of the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine endorse the following list of activities as a roadmap for the development of the strategic partnership during 2009 - 2010:
1. Cooperation in the field of European Integration
Strongly supporting Ukraine's European integration, as well as the common goal of the EU and Ukraine to conclude an ambitious Association Agreement, the Parties shall:
- hold bi-annual bilateral consultations on European integration issues at the level of Deputy Ministers / Directors of the EU Departments of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs;
- pursue cooperation seeking to accelerate the Ukraine's visa dialogue with the EU launched on 29 October 2008, aimed at introduction of mutual visa-free regime between Ukraine and the EU;
- ensure elaboration and implementation of projects designated to provide expert assistance in the fields of social security, agriculture, veterinary, fisheries, insurance, competition, justice, taxes, customs, trade facilitation, cross-border cooperation and other relevant areas, aimed at implementation of Euro-integration reforms in Ukraine. Their list shall be approved on an annual basis during the sessions of the Permanent Ukraine-Lithuania Commission on European integration;
- continue practice of organising training courses on issues of European integration for public servants of central and local state authorities of Ukraine.    

2. Cooperation in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration and on security issues:
Recognising that Ukraine's future membership in the Alliance is a major step which will lead to a strengthened NATO and enhanced security of Ukraine and the whole Euro-Atlantic area and taking into account the need to inform the broad public of Ukraine on the current tasks and the agenda of NATO, the Parties shall:
- pursue the goal of Ukraine's membership in NATO using all possible instruments;
- cooperate in establishing of Euro-Atlantic information centres in Ukraine;
- organize regular bilateral consultations on the issues of Euro-Atlantic integration and security policy at the working level;
- organize training courses for Ukrainian officials, civil servants, military, security sector and police officers, representatives of the media and NGOs;
- contribute to consolidation of joint efforts by prominent state figures of the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine in promoting the Euro-Atlantic integration values in Ukraine and public awareness on NATO;
- continue the practice of organising visits to Lithuania of Ukrainian journalists for preparing and highlighting in Ukraine the information about positive experience of the Republic of Lithuania in the course of preparation for and after accession to NATO and the EU;  
- accelerate the foundation of joint military unit in order to further strengthen trilateral cooperation of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine in the field of defence;
- coordinate activities to ensure continuous participation of peace-keeping personnel of Ukraine in the Lithuania led Provincial Reconstruction Team Group in the Ghowr province in Afghanistan.

3.  Cooperation on Energy Security
Enhancing bilateral cooperation on energy security to promote secure energy supplies and transparency in the energy sector as well as Ukraine's integration into the European energy market, the Parties shall:
- organize consultations on major energy policy issues, including the security of energy supply, alternative and efficient energy development, at the level of ministers at least once a year;
- facilitate the implementation of energy infrastructure projects which will contribute to diversification of energy supply for Ukraine, Lithuania and other EU countries, in particular of the Odessa-Brody-Plock-Gdansk pipeline project. Establishment of the Caspian - Black Sea - Baltic energy transit space may help to achieve this goal.
- hold expert level consultations, also with involvement of Belarus experts, and undertake other necessary measures to resolve issues until 2010 on provision of stable electricity supply from Ukraine to the Republic of Lithuania, taking into account possible shortages of electricity in the Republic of Lithuania after the closure of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant;
- exchange information on critical energy infrastructure projects, facilitating potential participation of respective parties in the projects of mutual interest;
- cooperate in promoting Ukraine's intentions to integrate into the European energy market and sharing Lithuania's experience in implementing the relevant norms and standards.

4. Cooperation in the field of transport
Aiming to create an effective transport corridor between the Baltic and the Black Seas and taking into account the need to further improve the conditions of operation of the combined transport train "Viking" as well as extend the geography of its routes, the Parties shall establish a Coordination Council of Lithuania, Ukraine, Belorussia and other states concerned in accordance with the Agreement on the development of transportation of freights in the Baltic Sea - Black Sea direction signed on 12 May 2008, whose main tasks will be:
- coordination of the members' activity of the freight transportation in the direction of Baltic Sea (Klaipeda-Draugyste) - Black Sea (Odessa - "Liski") on the international level;
- provision of effective functioning of the combined transport train "Viking" as well as the extension of the geography of its freight flows;
- development of transit transport corridor through the ports of the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea;
- establishing agreed conditions and principles for the activities of carriers, operators and expeditors;
- ensuring high standards of activity, development of transportation capacities and economic relations between participants of the Agreement on the development of the transportation of freights in the Baltic Sea - Black Sea direction;
- cooperation in the field of facilitating the procedures of border crossing, through consultations on the expert level and assistance in implementation of bilateral projects aiming at speeding up the implementation of EU acquis communautaire in Ukraine's laws in the sphere of border and customs control;    
- attracting interested parties of the transport market to the project of the combined transport train "Viking" and to the Coordination Council on transportation of freights in the Baltic Sea - Black Sea direction as well as search for new forms of cooperation;
- initiating a joint marketing program aimed at ensuring a sound information dissemination and presenting the potential of the project more widely.

5. Economic cooperation
Recognizing the need to promote further bilateral trade and investment, the Parties shall:
- undertake effective measures in order to guarantee favourable environment for bilateral investments according to the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Lithuania and the Government of Ukraine on facilitation and mutual protection of investment, dated 8 February 1994. A particular attention will be paid to the potential participation of Lithuanian investors in projects related to the preparation for the Euro 2012 Football Championship in Ukraine. The measures will be discussed and results will be presented to the Inter-Governmental Commission on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation;
- define in the framework of the Inter-Governmental Commission on trade, economic, scientific and technical cooperation effective measures aimed at establishing a favourable environment for expanding trade and economic cooperation, increasing volumes of bilateral investments;
- practice on a permanent basis the exchange of information on export-import possibilities of the companies, tenders, investment projects, planned in the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine exhibitions, business fora at the state and regional levels;
- support the organization of exhibitions, business fora and other events aimed at presenting trade, economic and investment possibilities in the two countries;
- cooperate in establishment of a permanent Lithuanian - Ukrainian Business Forum by the end of 2009 and explore the possibility to establish the Ukraine-Lithuania Trade Houses in the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine.

6. Regional cooperation, promotion of democracy and the rule of law in the region
Emphasizing the importance of cooperation between the two states on the regional level, particularly in the Baltic - Black Sea region, and reiterating common commitment to promotion and strengthening of democratic values and freedoms, the Parties shall:
- exchange views on the eve of important regional summits;
- promote activities of GUAM and relevant regional fora to enhance economic cooperation between countries of the region, especially in developing GUAM transport corridor and alternative energy supply routes, and to consolidate democratic values and freedoms;
- interact with a view to early and lasting settlement of the ‘frozen conflict' in the Transnistria region of the Republic of Moldova.
- support the activities of the European Integration Study Centres founded by Lithuania in Lviv and Donetsk.
7. Cooperation in the area of shared history and commemoration of the victims of totalitarian regimes
The Parties will cooperate and enhance their efforts in preserving, cultivating and presenting to a wider public material and non-material heritage of shared history.
Reiterating their mutual concern about the lack of evaluation of the crimes committed by the Soviet totalitarian regime in multilateral fora and seeking to prevent a possible recurrence of these crimes the Parties shall:
- join efforts in commemorating the anniversaries of Holodomor of 1932-1933 in Ukraine and the victims of repressions of totalitarian regimes in Lithuania, as well as in other countries in Central and Eastern Europe
- provide mutual support at multilateral level on the issue of evaluation of crimes committed by totalitarian regimes;
- Heads of State and high officials of Lithuania and Ukraine will make joint declarations on appropriate occasions and will seek to promote international awareness of the crimes committed by the Soviet regime in both Ukraine and the Baltic States.

8. Cooperation between regions of the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine

Taking into consideration intensive establishment of cooperation between regions of the Republic of Lithuania and Ukraine, the Parties express readiness to further actively encourage the development of cooperation at the level of regions in the following areas:
- implementation of existing and signing of new interregional Agreements on trade, economic, scientific and technical, cultural, sports and youth cooperation;
- exchange of experience concerning the activities of local administrations, their interaction with local self-governments;
- attraction of foreign direct investments, facilitation of development of small and medium size enterprises, creation of new working places;
- establishment of direct business ties between enterprises from regions of Ukraine and the Republic of Lithuania.

The Roadmap signed in Vilnius on 9 December 2008 in two authentic copies in Lithuanian, Ukrainian and English languages.


President of the Republic of Lithuania                                        President of Ukraine

Valdas Adamkus                                                                        Victor Yushchenko



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