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President Valdas Adamkus congratulated King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden on the national holiday

Saturday, June 6, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus congratulated King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and the people of Sweden on the occasion of the Swedish Flag Day. The President wished Sweden, on behalf of himself and all people of Lithuania, every success and long years of prosperity and well-being.

"Today's global challenges demand that the countries of our region stand strongly united in their common work. I am delighted that the beginning of Lithuanian presidency of the Council of the Baltic Sea States coincides with the start of Sweden's EU Presidency. I am confident that our two countries will continue their all-out efforts and close cooperation in implementing strategic projects that are important to the Nordic and Baltic states. I sincerely wish that the Baltic Sea Strategy to be launched during Swedish Presidency will bring the Baltic Rim countries together for the ultimate goal of building an ecologically clean, easily accessible, secure, and prosperous region," President Adamkus writes in his letter of congratulations.


The President expressed hope that the upcoming visit by the King of Sweden in Vilnius to take part in the celebrations of the Millennium of the first mention of the name of Lithuania in written records would demonstrate once again the increasingly strong relations between Lithuania and Sweden and would contribute to further cooperation between people, business communities, and politicians of the two countries.

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