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President underlines the importance of NATO Summit to be opened today

Friday, April 3, Vilnius - Going to the special summit of NATO which celebrates its 60th anniversary, President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus underlines the importance of this historic event.

"It is very important for Lithuania that NATO remains united, effective and dynamic, ready to respond to various challenges, focussed on collective defence, and willing to perform important missions outside the Alliance's area. It is also very important for Lithuania that NATO Baltic air policing mission becomes permanent. The Alliance's unity and solidarity are a source of our political and military strength. Collective defence of our people, territories and democratic values is and remains the fundamental task of the Alliance laid down in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty", the President says.


According to President Adamkus, in this Summit Lithuania will underline once again the importance of the principle of indivisible security for all Member States of the Alliance to feel equally safe.


It is envisaged that the Summit will endorse the commitment to develop a new concept of NATO strategy. According to the Lithuanian President, this would be an important operational document outlining NATO's goals and objectives, its strategic perspective, its approach towards security, and guidelines for the principles of the Alliance's forces in the new geopolitical situation.


President Adamkus points out that Lithuania, having initiated the Vilnius Ten Initiative of NATO candidate countries nine years ago, continues to support the "open door" policy of the Alliance.


"We will seek that the declaration made by NATO leaders in Bucharest concerning Ukraine's' and Georgia's membership prospects is reiterated in Strasbourg and consolidated by a commitment to support Euro-Atlantic integration reforms of these countries," Lithuania's leader says.


NATO Summit in Strasbourg will be the first one for Albania and Croatia, two new Member States of the Alliance, and for France as a full member of the military command of the Alliance after a break of over 40 years.


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