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President said good-bye to Romanian and Austrian ambassadors

Monday, June 29, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus had farewell meetings with the outgoing Ambassador of the Republic of Romania, Mr. Gheorghe Tokay, and the outgoing Ambassador of the Republic of Austria, Ms. Andrea Wicke.


Bidding farewell to the Romanian Ambassador, the President expressed his high appreciation of bilateral cooperation between Lithuanian and Romanian youth. "On many occasions our countries took similar positions on the top issues of the EU agenda and I therefore hope we will continue this successful cooperation," the President said.


President Adamkus was also interested in the economic and financial situation in Romania. According to the President, Lithuania and Romania were facing the same challenges and the solutions should therefore be sought together.


According to Ambassador Tokay, Lithuania has changed very much and become much stronger during the term of his mandate in Lithuania. As noted by the Ambassador, the number of royal visits paid to Lithuania this year alone demonstrates the recognition achieved by Lithuania.


In the meeting with the Austrian Ambassador, the President thanked the Ambassador for her personal contribution to strengthening Lithuanian-Austrian relations.


Recalling the visit by President Heinz Fischer of Austria to Vilnius this spring, the President expressed confidence that the numerous delegation of businesspeople that had accompanied the Austrian leader would work towards further development of bilateral economic relations.


President Adamkus and the Ambassador expressed their high appreciation of the relations between their respective countries in culture and art as demonstrated by cooperation between Vilnius and Linz as the two European Capitals of Culture. The President said he was confident this tradition of twin European Capitals of Culture would survive beyond this year and evolve into increasingly closer cooperation between Lithuanian and Austrian towns.

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