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President received Sweden's Foreign Affairs Minister

President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Sweden Carl Bildt who visits Lithuania to participate in the winter meeting of foreign policy leaders and strategists.

The discussion in the meeting centered around the critical situation in Europe that has resulted from gas conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

"The current situation in Europe shows once again the importance of taking prompt action to solve energy security issues faced by isolated Baltic states," the President said.

According to Sweden's Minister, it is of crucial importance that Europe makes proper conclusions and strengthens its energy policy, speaks one voice and enhances diversification of energy sources.

As pointed out by President Adamkus, Lithuania is already fully prepared to start construction of electricity bridge to Sweden.

"We have the Feasibility Study, the necessary finances and a final decision concerning the location of the electricity cable. We are ready to commence implementation of the project. If our partners had taken a decision, we could have started seabed exploration works today. If we do not have the decision by spring, project works will have to be postponed for another year," the President pointed up.

"Sweden is very much interested in connecting Baltic and Nordic markets. For us, this is not only energy security-related but also economic interest," Mr. Bildt said.

Another issue discussed was the Nord Stream gas-pipeline project under the Baltic Sea. President Adamkus underlined this project does not take into account energy interests of all European Union Member States and that it raises many concerns over the safety of the Baltic Sea environment, as well as other security-related issues.

"It is very important today that the European Union stands united and talks about common energy diversification projects that are important for all EU Member States," Lithuania's leader said.

The President and the Foreign Affairs Minister of the Kingdom of Sweden also discussed the progress of the renewed negotiations between the EU and Russia on the new partnership and cooperation agreement, and underlined the need to keep insisting that Russia withdraws its troops from Georgia's territory and honors its other commitments.

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