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President received letters of credence from ambassadors of Guatemala and Bangladesh

Tuesday, May 12, Vilnius - President Valdas Adamkus received letters of credence from Ambassador Fernando Molina Giron of Guatemala and Ambassador Mohamed Mijarul Quayes of Bngladesh.


Speaking at the ceremony of the presentation of credentials by Ambassador Fernando Molina Giron, President Adamkus pointed out that although Lithuania and Guatemala had established diplomatic relations back in 1993, there were yet many unrealized opportunities for making their links even more dynamic at both the bilateral and international level. Mr. Adamkus noted that exchanges of official visits would promote new contacts and livelier cooperation.

"Guatemala and Lithuania are both proud of their rich historical past and extensive historical heritage. The people of Lithuania are interested in modern and pre-Columbian culture and traditions of Latin American countries. The popularity enjoyed by the Latin American Culture Days held in Lithuania at the end of last year demonstrates that cultural exchanges undoubtedly bring our countries and their people closer together," Mr. Adamkus said, adding that the signing of first bilateral treaties would definitely accelerate cultural, scientific, academic, and tourist contacts between Lithuania and Guatemala.


According to President Adamkus, cooperation in economy and trade is the most promising area of relations between the two countries. He expressed hope that the new ambassador, through his active and dynamic work, would encourage the business communities of Lithuania and Guatemala to search for new business slots and gain better knowledge of their geographically distant countries.


"Our two countries are active and responsible members of the international community. I am definite that we will continue and strengthen our successful cooperation in international organizations, making a joint effort to enhance the principles of peace, freedom and market economy. I firmly believe that we will stand by our agreement to support each other's candidacies for membership in the UN Security Council. Lithuania sees these elections as a top international priority," Mr. Adamkus said.


At the ceremony of the presentation of credentials by Ambassador Mohamed Mijarul Quayes, President Adamkus underlined that although Lithuania and Bangladesh had been developing diplomatic relations for almost seventeen years, there was still a lot of space to explore and exploit. "Lithuania is interested in maintaining more dynamic relations as well as closer economic and cultural cooperation ties with Bangladesh. I hope that through joint efforts we will consolidate our relationship by signing first bilateral treaties to promote exchanges in the fields of culture, science and tourism," Mr. Adamkus said.


"The growing indicators of trade between Lithuania and Bangladesh show that we can find new and promising economic initiatives. I am confident that your consistent and intensive work will encourage our business people to search more actively for new business niches," Mr. Adamkus said.


President Adamkus pointed out that academic exchanges were among the most promising areas of our cooperation. "At the present moment, many students from the Middle East and South East Asia are studying medicine, engineering and other disciplines and sciences in Lithuania. I therefore hope that education opportunities in Lithuania will attract young people from Bangladesh to come and study here," Mr. Adamkus said, adding that scientific and cultural exchanges would create new options for more dynamic business and economic contacts.

President Adamkus expressed hope that the two countries would continue their constructive cooperation in the United Nations and other international fora and that together they would address the challenges posed to peace and stability in the world.


President Adamkus wished both ambassadors every success in discharging the important duties of their mission.


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