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President received Greek minister of foreign affairs

Tuesday, June 30, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Ms. Dora Bakoyannis. The discussion in the meeting centred around bilateral relations, the future of security in Europe, cooperation in the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the European Union matters, and the situation in the Eastern neighbourhood.

The Greek Foreign Affairs Minister passed congratulations to Lithuania on the Millennium of the Name of Lithuania and on the approaching King Mindaugas Coronation Day.


On the issue of future prospects in relation to security in Europe, the President of Lithuania underlined that OSCE should remain the principal forum for a dialogue on security in Europe.


President Adamkus noted that OSCE Parliamentary Assembly has successfully started its session in Vilnius. According to the Head of State, Europe will cope with the new security challenges only if it stands united and undivided by geopolitical boundaries and historical stereotypes. The President of Lithuania deplored the fact that in the XXI century, the crimes committed by the soviet totalitarian regime were still escaping condemnation.


President Adamkus wished Greece success in continuing to hold OSCE Presidency this year and thanked for its efforts in Georgia. The President insisted that both OSCE and the United Nations should continue to keep a close watch on Georgia.


As noted by the President, now that the United Nations and OSCE have closed their missions in Georgia, particular focus should be made on the European Union's observer mission in this country and a discussion should be initiated on the extension of the mandate of this mission.


According to the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs, the situation in Georgia could be resolved only by way of dialogue.


President Adamkus underlined that the dialogue should be built on the fundamental values and respect for international commitments.


Minister Bakoyannis said Greece was ready to share its OSCE presidency experience with Lithuania, which was to take over presidency of this organisation in 2011.


President Adamkus expressed strong confidence the two countries would be brought still closer together by their joint presidency of the European Union together with Ireland in 2013-2014. The President suggested that a more active cooperation should be started in the near future, to make preparations for this presidency.


The parties of the meeting also discussed the EU matters, the Lisbon Treaty ratification process, and the issues of the EU's institutional framework, enlargement and illegal migration.


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