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President Received Gidon Kremer and Heifetz Competition Finalists

 President Valdas Adamkus received world famous violinist Gidon Kremer, chairperson of the jury at the International Jascha Heifetz Competition, other members of the jury, and competition finalists.

Gidon Kremer founded the Kremerata Baltica chamber orchestra, composed of young performers from the Baltic region, including Lithuania.

In his opening word, President Adamkus underlined that Lithuania was greatly honored to have a cultural connection with a uniquely talented person and his work.

"Jascha Heifetz's contribution to the world of music is revealed through this competition which has to be continued and remain wide open to young talents," Mr. Adamkus said.

"It is good to know that a country honors and values its past. Respect is the essential foundation that makes it possible to create music and promote culture," Gidon Kremer emphasized.

President Adamkus discussed the significance of the Heifetz legacy with Gidon Kremer, members of the jury and the finalists of the competition. They also talked about the promotion of modern Lithuanian music in Europe and the world.

It was underlined that the Heifetz Competition and concerts given by Gidon Kremer in Vilnius constituted a major chord in the Vilnius - Culture Capital of Europe programme.

This year, 26 performers from ten countries of the world participated in the Jascha Heifetz competition for violinists. President Adamkus congratulated the finalists and expressed hope that the recognition they received in Vilnius would make them seek even more important victories.

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