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President received credentials from Slovak Ambassador

Thursday, June 11, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received letters of credence from the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia, Mr. Dušan Krištofik.


Welcoming the new ambassador, the President underlined that Lithuania and Slovakia were close partners in addressing issues of importance to the transatlantic and EU communities. "I believe that this is the shortest way towards building solidarity in the European Union where our voice - the voice of new, flexible and dynamic member states - will be heard," the Head of State said.


According to the President, the policies pursued by the Slovak Government have created excellent conditions for the introduction of the euro which demonstrates that the euro zone is open and accessible to all member states.


The President noted that the two countries and societies were linked not only by their rich historical past, but also by their tireless and relentless fights for freedom and peace. "Today we must also focus on our neighbors in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Mediterranean Sea region, and the South Caucasus, offering them support in strengthening democracy and carrying through effective reforms," the President said underlining that this was the basis for the success of a competitive and unified European Union, open to its neighbors.


Talking about the successful economic cooperation between Lithuania and Slovakia, the President expressed hope that further efforts would be made to help businesspeople develop and deepen their cooperation ties.


The President said he had no doubt that the new ambassador would contribute to the development of bilateral relationship based on mutual trust and respect.


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