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President invites foreign businesspeople to invest in Lithuania more actively

Tuesday, June 9, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus attended a reception as part of the international conference „The World Forum for Direct Investment 2009".


In his welcome address, the President underlined that Lithuania indeed was one of the most open and flexible economies and markets in Eastern and Central Europe, which was confirmed on many occasions by international institutions and organizations. According to the President, Lithuania's present policy is geared towards market regulation based on eliminating excessive business restrictions and building the groundwork for economic recovery which is the foundation of success of the country.


President Adamkus said Lithuania was seeking to be among the first countries back on the track of economic growth, ready to continue its ten-year race towards EU economic standards. "However, we well understand that this will be possible only if we retain Lithuania's financial stability but also attract many more business people willing to work and invest in Lithuania. It is only through streamlined business efforts to realize its objectives and meet the changing market needs that we can expect to achieve economic recovery," the President said.


Urging the business community not to give in to pessimism, the President underlined he believed that representatives of the business community, who had always been flexible in their approach to new economic realities and challenges, would be the driving force behind success and competition in local and foreign markets. "I believe in your enterprising skills and spirit and I am sure that the present economic situation will build up your creative talent, which will manifest itself in the successful development of your businesses," Mr. Adamkus said.

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