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President congratulates everybody on the occasion of opening of the Rulers Palace, wishing that despite the name the Rulers Palace is open to residents and guests of Vilnius

Monday, July 6, Vilnius - Following the Holy Mass, President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus participated in the ceremony of a symbolic opening of the Palace of Rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the greeting and seeing-off of the participants of the Millennium Song Festival "Song of the Centuries" on the Cathedral Square. In the courtyard of the Rulers Palace, Lithuanian and foreign leaders were greeted by the State Choir of Kaunas.


Addressing residents and guests of Vilnius, President Adamkus said:


"The stones under our feet still remember the first Lithuanian King Mindaugas and the times when Lithuania embarked on its long and difficult path towards life within Europe. It was the Lithuania of King Mindaugas that in 1253 accomplished the aspirations, unfulfilled in 1009, to become part of Christian Europe. It was then that the foundations of our Christian sanctuaries were laid down and the keystone for the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - still a strong reminder of Lithuania's greatest moments, victories and prosperity - was put in place. And it was in those times - the times of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - that King Žygimantas Augustas built the Royal Palace which we have now re-erected as an icon of our national revival and as a symbol of strong and powerful Lithuania that lived as an equal among equals in the Europe of that age."


As yet another dimension of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the President mentioned its cultural diversity and openness to all languages spoken, faiths professed, and views expressed by the people who had lived there. Rulers and students, monks and craftsmen who would come from far away countries had always found a common language of respect and tolerance.


The Head of State pointed out that it was in those times that Vilnius and Krakow, Kyiv, Warsaw, and Lviv became the closest friends and allies of fate.


"Thank you Your Majesties and Excellencies for giving us the feeling of togetherness and for the honor you have accorded Lithuania by coming to celebrate its millennium together with us," the President said, having expressed delight that today Lithuania had even more friends and allies.


President Adamkus extended greetings to everybody on the occasion of opening of the Royal Palace, and wished that this palace, even though it bears the high name of Rulers Palace, was open to all and every resident and guest of Vilnius.

"May the guests of Lithuania discover here the signs of a meaningful and culturally rich neighborhood. May the residents of Vilnius perceive the living history of their capital city, their nation and the whole of Europe within these walls," the President invited.


Today, the President and the Honourable Guests will also view the Millennium exhibitions "Lithuania in Ancient Historical Sources", "Wawel in Vilnius. From the Jagiellonian Dynasty to the End of the Republic, and "The Art of Balts", in the Museum of Applied Art, and stay for lunch there.


After lunch, President of Lithuania will attend the ceremony of unveiling the sculpture "The Tree of Unity" in the Vingio Park. After that, Lithuanian and foreign heads of states will watch "Song of the Centuries" concert in the Vingio Park. In the evening, the President of Lithuania will host a gala reception in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace, dedicated to the Millennium of the Name of Lithuania and the Lithuanian State Day (King Mindaugas Crowning Day).


Those who are denied access to the venues of the events due to crowding will have the possibility to watch the events broadcasted live on the screen to be installed on the TEOBUS in the Cathedral Square.



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