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President believes the Spanish Royal visit to Lithuania will give a fresh impetus to the development of relations between the two nations and societies

Thursday, May 7, Trakai - Today King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia of Spain who arrived on a two-day state visit to Lithuania yesterday hosted lunch for the President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus and Mrs. Alma Adamkienė in Trakai.




Addressing the Royalties of Spain during lunch, the President underlined that the visit by the Royal Couple was a truly memorable occasion for Vilnius and the people of Lithuania.


"By visiting not only Vilnius, but also the historical Lithuanian capital of Trakai, you have once again demonstrated your sincere respect for the history and culture of our country," the President said.


Recalling his yesterday's conversation with King Juan Carlos I about the European unity, the President noted that Spain had always been a true ally of Lithuania, never recognizing Lithuania's occupation and never failing in its loyalty to universal values and European unity.


President Adamkus said he believed that the meetings His Majesty had today with members of the Parliament and with students who came to Lithuania from different countries to study here revealed the free and open spirit of the Lithuanian people.


Talking about the close and dynamic cooperation between Lithuanian and Spanish schools and universities, the President mentioned that the Spanish Monarch was greeted also by Belarusian students of the European Humanities University exiled from Minsk.


"We are grateful for the support that Spain has extended to this university since the very beginning of its academic activities in Vilnius.<...> I hope that your focus on science and studies will encourage Lithuanian and Spanish universities, scientific institutions and business communities to engage more actively in the establishment of European Knowledge and Innovation Communities," President Adamkus said.


The President wished Spain a most successful presidency of the European Union and said he believed that joint efforts would continue strengthening Europe's integration.


Raising his glass to the health of the King and the Queen of Spain and to the prosperity and well-being of Lithuania and Spain and their people, President Adamkus said he was deeply convinced that this Royal visit to Lithuania would give a fresh impetus to the development of relations between the two nations and societies.


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