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President bade good-bye to the outgoing Ambassador of Slovakia

Wednesday, April 29, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus bade good-bye to the outgoing Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia Mr. Ivan Špilda, who resided in Riga.

The President thanked the Ambassador for his efforts to promote Lithuanian-Slovak relations and for special focus on the development of commercial, academic and cultural ties. President Adamkus underlined that recent years had put the development of these relations on strong footing, with a number of new agreements signed, business bonds advanced, and presidential visits successfully exchanged. The Head of State noted the high importance of Lithuanian-Slovak economic and trade relations and expressed hope that new areas of economic cooperation would be found.


The discussion in the meeting also touched on the prospects of cooperation between the Baltic and Vyshegrad countries, which, as the President said, were linked by common interests within the European Union and towards its eastern neighbours and by a shared approach to energy security issues.


Recalling the interruptions of gas supply to Europe via Ukraine, which damaged Slovakia too, the President underlined the need for Vyshegrad and Baltic countries to continue speaking with one voice and working together towards stronger solidarity of Europe.


President Adamkus welcomed the successful integration of the Slovak Republic into the euro zone in the beginning of this year. "Your success story is a source of inspiration and valuable experience for Lithuania," Lithuania's leader said.

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