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President Adamkus welcomes France’s return to NATO integrated military structure

Friday, March 13, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus welcomed the decision of France to return to NATO integrated military structure, calling it a good news.

"Full involvement by France in the Alliance will strengthen the political weight and military capacity of this community," the President of Lithuania said.


According to the Head of State, this long-awaited step taken by Paris will increase Europe's political influence and its capacity to create global security and stability.


"I am confident this French decision will consolidate further the transatlantic bond and open up new opportunities for cooperation between NATO and the European Union," President Adamkus said.


According to the President, French participation in NATO integrated military structure is especially important now that the Alliance is engaged in several large-scale security and stabilisation operations in Afghanistan and Kosovo.


"I believe the military planning expertise of this country will enrich the Alliance's strategies," President Adamkus underlined.


France is one of the four largest donors of NATO military operations. Moreover, its national defence budget is larger than 2 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product.


France withdrew from NATO military structure in 1966 at the decision of General Charles de Gaulle.


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