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President Adamkus said good-bye to outgoing Dutch Ambassador

Thursday, June 25, Vilnius - President Valdas Adamkus said good-bye to Mrs. Johanna Gerarda Maria Ruigrok, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.


President Adamkus thanked the Dutch Ambassador for her personal input to strengthening the relationship between Lithuania and the Netherlands. Mr. Adamkus underlined that her dynamic work definitely contributed to the success of the visit by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix to Lithuania.


"I would describe the visit of the Queen of the Netherlands to Lithuania in the course of one thousand years of our history as an event of exceptional importance for both countries," Mr. Adamkus said.


According to President Adamkus, the economic slowdown has hit almost all European nations and therefore it is crucial to retain solidarity in searching for measures to return the European Union back on track towards economic prosperity. Mr. Adamkus expressed hope that when the recession began to slow and turn around, Lithuania and the Netherlands would make their economic ties even stronger, expand bilateral trade and increase investments in such areas as tourism.


President Adamkus said that Lithuania and the Netherlands, two friendly countries with different cultural environments, would continue enriching each other with new ideas, impressions and information.


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