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President Adamkus extends congratulations to U.S. President on Independence Day



Saturday, July 4, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus sent congratulations to the U.S. President Barack Obama on the Independence Day, and wished well-being, strength and prosperity to all people of the country.

The President underlines in the letter that Lithuania and the United States have been long bound together by very special people-to-people contacts based on common values and also by the gratitude felt by the people of Lithuania towards the United States for its principled policy of non-recognition of the Soviet occupation and for its support to independent and democratic Lithuanian state.


"I am deeply convinced that the cordial ties between our two nations will help develop new bilateral initiatives and that the shared aspirations of our governments will contribute to even more open and closer contacts between our citizens," President Adamkus writes in the letter.

Lithuania's President welcomes his U.S. counterpart's active efforts to resolve the Middle East conflict, and sincerely wishes him success on this path. President Adamkus writes he firmly believes that Lithuania and the United States will continue working together as close allies to protect freedom in Afghanistan and to meet urgent international security, energy, environmental, poverty, and other global challenges that the world faces today.

As put by President Adamkus in his letter, he has no doubt that Lithuania and the United States will continue to make a consistent contribution to the creation of a unified, free and democratic Europe and seek to open the way for Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, the South Caucasus, and Western Balkan countries for building and strengthening democratic European societies and states.


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