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President Adamkus: European Union must agree on successful Eastern Partnership Policy

Thursday, April 9, Prague - President Valdas Adamkus, on a two-day state visit in Prague, met with Czech Acting Prime Minister Mirek Topolánek.


President Adamkus expressed hope and confidence that the Czech Republic, after overcoming its government crisis, would successfully complete its term of EU presidency. "This was confirmed by the recent EU-US summit in Prague, which was beneficial in every respect," Mr. Adamkus said.


According to President Adamkus, the EU should devote special attention to Eastern Partnership and the upcoming EU summit scheduled for May in Prague. The summit is expected to focus on Georgia, Ukraine, Moldova, and other countries participating in the Eastern Partnership Programme and provide them with assistance on the road to Euro integration. This is the only actual alternative for strengthening their integration ties with the EU and guarantying stability and well-being in Europe's East.


President Adamkus expressed gratitude for a successful Czech presidency of the European Union: in March, the European Council meeting decided to provide additional funding to create Baltic energy connections.


This decision is of vital importance to Lithuania in ending the region's energy isolation and ensuring its energy security. Valdas Adamkus underlined that the EU external energy policy had to be strengthened: the EU had not only to speak in one voice, but also to work out clear and effective measures for concerted action. The President pointed out that it was necessary to concentrate on the diversity of sources, not only on the diversity of supply routes.


Valdas Adamkus and Mirek Topolánek shared their experiences and opinions on how to act at national and European levels in today's strenuous economic environment.


It was underlined that the EU should overcome the economic crisis as soon as possible to prevent radical attitudes from spreading in society.


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