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President Adamkus calls all Lithuanians to sing the National Song all together

Friday, July 3, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus invites all Lithuanians in any place of the world to sing the anthem of Lithuania at the same time as a token of celebration of the Millennium of Lithuania. The National Song by Vincas Kudirka will be sung on 5 July 2009, Sunday, at 21:00 Lithuanian time.


Text of the address by President Adamkus:


"Sunday evening, the National Song will sound not only in the Song Festival and not only in Lithuania. The words of the song written by Vincas Kudirka will unite Lithuanians from all over the world - Europe and America, Australia, Asia and Africa. Therefore, let us sing our anthem with all our hearts and full voice, wherever we are, to announce proudly and loudly that the Name of Lithuania is a thousand years old. I congratulate Lithuania on this historic year. Let the Song of the Centuries sound over the millennium-old Lithuania! Let our hearts beat in unison in the name of Lithuania!"

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