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President Adamkus believes Lithuania and China should strengthen their economic cooperation

President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received letters of credence from the Ambassador of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Tong Mingtao.

Accepting letters of credence from Ambassador Mingtao, President Adamkus underlined that Lithuania and China went a long path over the past eighteen years of cooperation leading to stronger bilateral relations between the two states. "We have signed all key agreements, we have opened embassies in Beijing and Vilnius, and our governments, parliaments and municipalities regularly exchange visits. Lithuania's and China's twin cities are building new bridges of friendship connecting the two nations, and our cultural, business and academic bonds become increasingly close," the President said.

"The past period was really special for Chinese and Lithuanian people, with impressive Olympic Games organized in China last year, with the Millennium of the Name of Lithuania celebrated this year, with Vilnius becoming the Capital of Culture of the Old Continent, and with the world-wide EXPO 2010 exhibition to be held in Shanghai next year. I have no doubt these significant events will encourage further our nations to seek to know each other better and to develop cooperation in such fields as research, education, tourism, culture, and innovations," President Adamkus said.

According to the President, Lithuanian and China should join their efforts in strengthening further their economic cooperation. "Your economy that grows extremely fast, that drives the global economy, and that is increasingly open to innovation is attractive to Lithuanian businesses. I am confident our region, too, may offer many valuable opportunities to Chinese businesspeople," the President said further.

"I hope we will successfully develop a new roadmap for cooperation in the field of transport in the upcoming ASEM Meeting of Transport Ministers to be held in October 2009 in Vilnius, which will bring our regions still closer together. We are grateful to China for supporting this Lithuanian initiative and look forward to welcoming your transport minister here," said the President accepting letters of credence, and expressed hope the People's Republic of China and Lithuania would continue their successful cooperation in international organizations and would contribute to the efforts of the global community to foster human rights and freedoms, to create safe and clean environment, and to strengthen peace, well-being and stability.

During the credentials ceremony, President Adamkus wished the Ambassador every success in strengthening Lithuanian-Chinese relations.

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