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President Adamkus attended the hydrogen generation unit opening ceremony at Mažeikių Nafta

Monday, June 16, Mažeikiai - President Valdas Adamkus visited the oil refining company Mažeikių Nafta and attended the opening ceremony of a new hydrogen generation unit. He met with the company's management and employees to learn first-hand about its restructuring. President Adamkus was given a tour of the modern facilities at the Mažeikių Nafta refinery.


In his address to the company's management and staff, President Adamkus underlined that the downturn should not hinder the well-being of society.


"The company's modernization is the best example of moving forward despite the problems that we face today. Lithuania's determination to compete in European Union markets is our response to those who tend to complain, but not take action. Let us keep going on!" Mr. Adamkus said, pointing out that Mažeikių Nafta played a significant role in the country's economy.


In 2008, the company's sales were the best in Lithuania and the company itself is Lithuania's largest exporter. With 80 percent of its production sold to foreign countries, Mažeikių Nafta is the largest tax payer in Lithuania (in 2008, it paid a total sum of 1.6 billion litas to the state budget). It is also among local companies with the highest number of employees (at the end of 2008, it had 3,320 employees on its staff list).


During his visit to Mažeikių Nafta, President Adamkus was introduced to the advantages of the new hydrogen generation unit and the principles of its operation. The unit will put out hydrogen necessary to produce low-sulfur fuels. It includes state-of-the-art technologies and applies modern security standards.


"As an environmentalist, I am especially delighted that you are expanding the production of clean and non-polluting fuels," Mr. Adamkus said. He spoke highly of the company's attitude to the environment and environmental protection for which it was granted the Quality Management Certificate ISO 9001.


After leaving the oil refinery, President Adamkus visited Žemaičių Kalvarija where he was introduced to the "Plungė - Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2009" project.


At the Žemačių Arts Museum, President Adamkus met with the architects of this project, viewed the museum exposition and spoke to the media.


Later on in the day, President Adamkus will participate in the wayside cross consecration ceremony at the Plungė Municipality Hospital dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the hospital and the Millennium of Lithuania.


In Rietavas, President Adamkus will visit places connected to the noble family of Oginskis and their public and cultural legacy. He will also meet with the management of local institutions of culture and education.

In the evening, the President will return to Vilnius.

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