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EU and US have to work even closer together in resolving energy security problems, President Adamkus says

Sunday, April 5, Prague - President Valdas Adamkus took part in the EU meeting with US President Obama in Prague. The EU-US Summit addressed the ongoing global crisis and actions to stop the economic downturn.

It was underlined that the EU and the US have to work together to revive the economy and strengthen energy security. In his assessment of the summit, President Adamkus said that the focus made on energy security was highly significant. In his opinion, the only way to effectively fight global challenges, such as climate change or energy security, is to streamline all and every effort.

President Adamkus emphasized that the European Union and the United States had to work even closer together in developing new sustainable ways of increasing the use of alternative and renewable energy resources.

President Adamkus went on to say that if we wanted to ensure genuine energy security for the transatlantic community, we needed a new qualitative level of cooperation and a common transatlantic approach to the whole EU Eastern Neighborhood. He stressed that freedom and stability should not be taken for granted in the east off the European Union. "But we can help consolidate it by linking Europe and the Black and Caspian Sea countries through concrete energy," Mr. Adamkus said.

President Adamkus pointed out that we could give a new impetus to strengthen energy cooperation and create even more added value, but for that we needed more regular consultations. The idea to establish a transatlantic energy council was worth considering, he said.

After the meeting, President Valdas Adamkus thanked US President Obama for his position voiced when speaking in Hradčany Square where he underlined that NATO must have contingency plans in place to deal with new threats, wherever they may come from. Valdas Adamkus pointed out that this would make the security guarantees for Lithuania and the other Baltic States even stronger.


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