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Afghanistan’s Ghor Province Governor thanks the President for Lithuania’s support in the region

Wednesday, July 8, Vilnius - President of the Republic of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus received Governor of Afghanistan's Ghor Province, Mr. Sabed Mohammad Iqbal Munib.

The Ghor Governor thanked the President for Lithuania's support in enforcing security and peace and building well-being in the Ghor Province, and passed thanks from all Ghor people to the brave Lithuanian military and civil personnel for their efforts in the Province.


President Valdas Adamkus underlined that Lithuania's engagement in Afghanistan and commitment to its people was firm and enduring. According to the President, Lithuania is seeking to turn as much of the international community's attention to the Ghor Province as possible, to raise donor funds for reconstruction and development projects in the Province, and to make sure that international organisations distribute their resources and attention more evenly in Afghanistan so that support reaches all provinces of the country.


The Ghor Governor expressed deep sympathy on behalf of Ghor people to the family of the soldier killed in Afghanistan and to Lithuania as a whole. As Governor Sabed Mohammad Iqbal Munib said, this brave soldier died while carrying out his duty, in the fight for peace and security.


The Ghor Governor shared the President's view that Lithuania-led Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) was operating successfully in the Province as manifested by tens of schools built, thousands of children attending the schools, electricity being supplied to people, respect being demonstrated to Lithuanian military and diplomatic personnel who were making efforts on the international scale to attract new donors for projects in the Ghor Province. The Governor underlined that Lithuania-led PRT was cooperating smoothly and efficiently with the national security forces.


The Governor of the Ghor Province presented the top provincial development priorities of the local administration, for which the Province expects Central Afghan Government's and international community's attention. The parties of the meeting agreed that education was among the most important areas of development.


Other issues discussed were the security situation in the Ghor Province and preparations for the upcoming presidential election and elections to provincial councils due to take place in Afghanistan in August. Lithuania's President appreciated the increasingly active participation of women and the general public in politics. "These are the signs showing that the international community's attention and efforts bear fruit for all people of Afghanistan. Therefore, we must continue our mission and endeavours," President Adamkus said.

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